BCP :: About Us : Our Objectives

 » Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred metal/steel fabricator and engineering company in the oil & gas industry in Batam as well as in the Riau Island, at a very competitive cost and on-time delivery.

 » Our Mission

Committed to deliver quality product and excellent service ensuring safety and zero risk of mistake and accident so as to achieve satisfied and delighted Customer above else to profit.


 » Safety statements

With the rapid global changes in domestic and international market , BCP is exerting and doing all efforts to ensure competitiveness and continuous improvement of its people, facilities, products and services.


 » System & Procedures

Health, Safety & Environment Program, the definition Used, The Plan, Health Program, safety Program,...


Our Objectives

PT. Balindo Citra Perdana has been established because it aims to achieve the following:

  1. To answer the needs and requirement of the oil & gas company in terms of metal/steel fabrication & engineering works including design & complex works at a reasonable cost and meeting time frame.
  2. To represent a local company a kind of finish work proven that Indonesian company is also capable and able to handle and do such project if given the opportunity.
  3. To display and expose the knowledge and skills of local expertise of Indonesian technical and skilled worker in craftsmanship of such project at a low rate.
  4. To be able to contribute to the economy of Batam and Riau as an island by giving employment opportunity boosting the confidence of foreign investor to the people of Batam and the Island as a whole.
  5. To assist any oil & gas company who would need assistance in any form even if it is out of our scope of work in order to establish camaraderie and eradicate dilemma of looking for help.