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 » Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred metal/steel fabricator and engineering company in the oil & gas industry in Batam as well as in the Riau Island, at a very competitive cost and on-time delivery.

 » Our Mission

Committed to deliver quality product and excellent service ensuring safety and zero risk of mistake and accident so as to achieve satisfied and delighted Customer above else to profit.


 » Our Objectives

To answer the needs and requirement of the oil & gas company in terms of metal/steel fabrication & engineering works including design & complex works at a reasonable cost and meeting time frame...


 » Safety statements

With the rapid global changes in domestic and international market , BCP is exerting and doing all efforts to ensure competitiveness and continuous improvement of its people, facilities, products and services.


System & Procedures

1. Health, Safety & Environment Program
2. The Definition Used
3. The Plan
4. Health Program
5. Safety Program
6. The Risk Controller Team Development
7. The HSE and Technical Safety Audit
8. The Environmental Program

1. Health, Safety & Environment Program

1.1 The Objective The objective of PT. Balindo Citra Perdana’s HSE Program aims the stability and assurance of the Health, Safety and Environment System of its people assigned in the project.
1.2 This program is implemented in all metal/steel fabrication and machining work for PT. Balindo Citra Perdana.
1.3 The HSE plan will apply to all metal fabrication and machining work for PT. Balindo Citra Perdana.

2. The Definition Used

The following are the terminologies used in the preceding program.
BCP - PT. Balindo Citra Perdana
HSE - Health, Safety and Environment
SMS - Safety Management System
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

3. The Plan

3.1 General Overview

The HSE plan is a general plan of action on how BCP intends to address matters on it specifically during selection of materials and project execution.

It complies with safety laws, rules and regulations implemented in our plant. Likewise, it also coincides with the existing safety operating procedures imposed by the Company project owner. Thus, BCP take the necessary safety precautions on accidents so as to prevent such in executing the work.

An orientation about safety is conducted prior to deployment to the designated working area of the personnel. This is to give emphasis and clarify importance of safety regulations that must be strictly followed and observed of every personnel.

Our Safety Manager and its officer assigned on project will give specific instruction in carrying out the safety procedures and systems. They have the authority and full responsibility of the total safety working conditions of every personnel of BCP in order to ensure smooth completion of the project. They closely monitor and control the safety program being implemented and conduct regular meeting related on safety.

3.2 Management Responsibility

HSE program is a combined effort implementation by the top management and the team assigned to the project. We deem it is important to effectively implemented it based on chain of responsibility as stated as follows:

3.2.1 The Board of Directors
To overview, ensure and implements that an effective Health, Safety and Environmental program is in place.

3.2.2. The Safety Manager and Officer
Take full responsibility of the full awareness of personnel before deployment to project. Inspect and check site and equipments to ensure that is safe for human usage and the appropriate items for the project. He is must strictly observe and monitor the safety compliance and submit on a routine basis of safety statistics report.

3.2.3 The Team Leaders
They carry out the hands on implementations and physically present of checking and monitoring the safety compliance of all personnel.

3.2.4 The Personnel and Staff
They are the direct personnel that implement and do the work in 100% safety compliance starting from the correct usage of materials, tools, equipments and facilities. They must observe and follow the proper and imposed safety methods, systems and procedures in order to carry out smoothly the project and deliver it to customer with satisfaction and on time delivery.

4. Health Program

4.1. Background
This program focus on the heath and hygiene of the personnel assigned to the project. This comply with the health and hygiene regulations imposed by labor laws and the company the project originates. It tackles the needed supplies and gadgets the requirements for physical condition prior to job assignment.

4.2. The Needed Supplies/Materials
4.2.1 First Aid Kit of Medicine Cabinet
BCP provides a first aid or a medicine cabinet in every working area in order to be accessible to all personnel. The personnel is informed of its existence, its exact location and the content but there s certain procedures to follow prior to issuance of such medicine or any medical assistance. The Safety Manager, officer and leader have the key and direct access to it.

4.2.2 Personnel Protective Equipment
BCP supplies and provides its personnel the required and appropriate personnel protective equipment. These PPE must be used especially during their execution of the job. These PPE include safety shoes, safety glass, safety hat and others such as gloves, dust mask etc. There are certain areas that require special equipment such in a noisy area or in a heavy machineries is – personnel must wear ear plug or ear muff; special protective suit, etc. which endanger the personnel to exposure to hazardous material thus by using such, they are minimizing the risk of exposure. If in any case, BCP would not be able to supply or provide such PPE, there are cases the client provide it. But if the personnel deems it is important for him to use PPE not in the standard supply, the personnel may request and it is their right and obligation to be provided such.

4.2.3 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
BCP requires notification and formal endorsement of MSDS from the client or its suppliers for proper handling and waste disposal of any such hazardous materials. MSDS would be able to guide the BCP personnel and disclose vital information of the safety usage and storing of such materials.

4.3 Requirement of Medical Examination
4.3.1 Periodic Medical Examination
a. BCP requires and perform periodic medical examination of each personnel before assigning to any project. This is a mandatory regulation to every BCP personnel assigned directly to the project otherwise, it can be a reason for non- acceptance to project. No BCP personnel could decline on such policy and original results are presented and submitted to the HR department.

b. Classification on Medical Examination The personnel scheduled for ME must adhere to schedule. The HR department will inform what are the aspects required to be examined.

4.3.2 Other Condition for Medical Examination
a. The Venue BCP has designated the medical center authorize to conduct the ME for its personnel. The results will be given directly to the personnel. If in any case, the personnel is not satisfied with the results, he could get a second opinion ME but his will be under his personal account.

b. The Financial Responsibility BCP shouldered the ME of all regular employees except otherwise if the personnel wants a second opinion ME. The personnel will be given a schedule within the working hour hence, there is no excuse for the personnel not for doing so.

c. The Results and the Rights of Personnel BCP would require the original results to be presented and be kept by the HR department for future reference; and a copy is kept by the concerned employee. In case of unfavorable or undesirable results especially discovering of contagious disease, the personnel would be informed. Thus, he is given the opportunity to seek for second opinion.

However, if the result shows consistency then this is a ground for non-acceptance of the personnel to the project. But for illness not contagious but critical for the job such as hypertension, heart ailment, kidney malfunction, eye and ear defect, this can be referred to the Physician and secure clearance of personnel is still fit to work or not. All results will be treated in strict confidentiality.

On another hand, personnel who has successfully recovered after been discovered of an illness, BCP would secure clearance from an authorize Physician. Once, he is fit to work once more, then BCP could call him for the next project or if there is a suitable vacant post at that time.

5. Safety Program

5.1 The Objective
BCP aims to achieve zero percent accident to its people and its product. BCP conducts comprehensive studies on machines, equipments, and other things needed before project execution to ensure that there is no unsafety impact to its people and to the project.

5.2 The Responsibility
a. In the previous chapter, it has already been tackled in detail the chain responsibility of every personnel in the project from the highest superior down to its ranking file. This reiterate that no one is excepted in implementing the safety program of the BCP and the company project.

b. There is a periodic or routine meeting in relation to safety. A written report is required from the Leaders and safety statistics are always display for everyone to be aware and be motivated to ensure safety.

c. Though the above meetings, the Safety Managers, officers and Leaders who are directly involve with the safety program responsible to provide effective tools to communicate the safety program.

d. BCP conducts orientation, continuous and necessary safety training prior to deployment to project and while personnel is ongoing with the project. This is to ensure the safety program is observed and followed by the personnel faithfully in the safe practice and procedures. Thus realizing and educating the importance of a safety program. It is also part of the training some safety drills to simulate and condition personnel once face the emergency situation. This is conducted once a year such as fire, earthquake, floods, etc.

e. Site Inspection or Visit The officers of BCP do its random checking and monitoring of personnel and inspect on the site whether they are implementing seriously the safety program. This include also checking the working area, too and conditions of the personnel.

5.3 The Safety Award and Penalty
5.3.1 The Safety Award
a. A committee comprises with The Directors, Safety Managers, selected officers and leaders conduct much to assess the personnel individual performance. Those personnel successfully rated excellent and has followed the safety program then, a corresponding award will be given at the year end of the project.

b. Motivational award in form of financial or other kind can also be awarded at anytime whenever necessary especially to those personnel who exemptional contribution to the safety program of BCP.

5.3.2 The Penalty
a. If any personnel found guilty of violating the set BCP safety policies, the committee will decide its corresponding sanctions depending on the intensity of the violation.

b. Violations punishable by law are as follows

b.1 If it is a major human error or negligence that cause major accident

b.2Major damage to life, property due to intentionally or unintentionally mistake

c. delayed safety accident treatment; incorrect and not precise report due to gross negligence,

d. Did not abide with the set safety policy even with reasonable excuse but it is still an outright disobedience.

5.4 The Safety Investigation and Report
a. In case of mishap or accident in the project of any BCP personnel, there will be a team to be deployed to the site to conduct the investigation.

b. The client must inform the BCP Safety Manager once an accident occurred both verbally and written.

c. Then once the investigation team has determine the cause of the accident and submit a written report of the results to the client and BCP management. In the report, it also includes measures and resolutions so as to prevent reoccurrence of such accident.

d. The Accident site will be temporarily closed while investigation is ongoing. Once, it is ready for usage only the Safety Manager is authorize to lift the closure ban.

e. If there is any BCP personnel who keep vital information and wash out vital information for the smooth investigation of the accident, the person will be dealt accordingly based on BCP rules and regulation and existing labor laws.

f. Other measure and action to be taken during accident will be treated on case to case basis.

g. The recommended countermeasures to prevent reoccurrence of accident will be the top priority of every personnel.

h. Accident occurred will be publicly announced and will disseminated to all department. This will use memorandum and will be posted on notice board so as to be inputted on the accident statistics board

6. The Risk Controller Team Development

6.1 The HSE manager will review and thoroughly study the contents of the Risk Control Dossier prior to its agreement and coordination with the Safety Engineering for developing its frame work.

6.2 While the Safety Engineering group shall be responsible for conducting the safety studies related to the project construction and comply with study results by formulating the Risk Control Dossier.

6.3 The Risk control dossier shall be developed to experiment and demonstrate the danger and risk associated with the project construction and fabrication thus be able to identify, manage and reduce its risk.

6.4 The Risk Dossier will contain the following:

  • Risk assessment relating to the movement of steel structure and erection
  • Risk evaluation relating to machining and fabrication work
  • Evaluation of falling debris/object risk in the construction and fabrication phase
  • Simple examination of the fire risks for the construction phase
  • Analysis of the escape and rescue system for the construction and fabrication phase Job safety analysis for any specialist task that maybe needed to be undertaken during construction and fabrication phase.

7. The HSE and Technical Safety Audit

7.1 Audit Plan
7.1.1 The Quality Assurance with joint efforts with the Safety Department will conduct yearly audit for health, safety and environmental concerned, The schedule will be advised prior to the audit.

7.1.2 It is the responsibility of the Safety Manager in making the HSE audit plan so as to ensure audit every important aspect of HSE program.

7.1.3 The Client is also encourage to conduct their own audit plan is accordance with the Risk Analysis report.

7.2 Maintenance Plan
7.2.1 After the Audit results has been issued, the concerned department must take the necessary safety measures such as do repairs and improvement in both the system and venue to secure safety area.

7.2.2 The maintenance or the action taken as a reaction to the audit result must be recorded in a form of a checklist. If it is necessary to purchase and replace some parts that involves equipment and machineries, it must be first reported to the Quality Assurance Manager and Safety Manager.

7.2.3 All Safety Performance Audit and Maintenance are recorded and Kept by the QA department.

8. The Environmental Program

8.1 The Objective
BCP observes and conserve the following practices and aim to achieve the following environmental prevention program:
a. Continuous Research and Development for clean production techniques which affect life cycle and chain of nature
b. Minimization of environmental pollution
c. Minimization of air and water pollution
d.Strict observance of environmental pollution that practice Acceptable norms for mother nature

8.2 The Program
In order to achieve such objectives, BCP shall prepare the following:
a. Establish the regulation for the proper implementation of the management program
b. Establish and control the environmental management program by controlling and supervising it
c. Advise and recommend updated environmental technology needed and required by all department

8.3 Training, Workshop & Education
To be able to prepare its people and the facilities, BCP has planned, created and design training workshop in order to support the above program.
The training and workshop include but not limited to the following:
a. Regulation for Environmental Training Program
b. Orientation on Environmental Program for our Personnel prior to assignment
c. Other essential Training, Workshop and Education that is in accordance with the HSE Training program.